Besides e-bikes stationed on the University of the Pacific campus in Stockton, Bike Stockton has decided to suspend all other service until further notice as of Sept. 4 due to escalating vandalism and theft.

This difficult, but necessary decision came after much thought and consideration about what was best for everyone involved, especially loyal Bike Stockton members. This is a pilot project and we knew there would be discovery and learning along the way. Bike Stockton is determined to redesign the program so that Stockton residents can take advantage of e-bikes as a transportation option. We appreciate your patience while we work to redesign the e-bike program. Please return to for updates.

Cruise the 209 with Bike Stockton

We are Stockton’s e-bikeshare

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Bike Stockton is your nonprofit e–bikeshare.

Whether you’re running errands, visiting town, or riding recreationally, we welcome residents and visitors to cruise the 209 with us!

Pay as you go



/ min

$1 to unlock

Great for short trips around town!

A refundable $25 credit card hold is required to activate account




/ year

Up to 30 min of free ride time per day (can be multiple trips)

$0.05/minute after the initial 30 minutes

No unlock fee (even after free time is used up)

The Stockton Mobility Collective offers mobility incentives to qualifying residents of Stockton. To learn more, click here.

How it works


Sign up

Download the Bike Stockton app to your mobile device and choose your pass to get started.



Scan the QR code on the handle bar using the app to unlock the bike.



Remove the lock tether and place it on the hook under the seat. Grab your helmet and enjoy the ride!



Roll your bike to a bike rack and use the tether to secure your bike to the rack. ALWAYS lock the bike with the cable to a Bike Stockton rack. Then, submit a photo to end your ride.

Get the app now!

The Bike Stockton mobile app for iPhone and Android is the perfect companion when you’re out and about.

Watch this video to learn how to ride with Bike Stockton!

Membership Details

Use the “HOLD” feature if you need to lock the bike temporarily to avoid any parking costs.
Put a bike on hold before locking it to a rack to keep it in your name. Your card will still be charged for the time the bike is placed on hold.
The clock starts on your trip when you reserve a bike via mobile/web.

To learn more about the Stockton Mobility Collective’s Mobility Incentives program, click here.

Parking Zones and Fees

Park Responsibly

All bikes must be parked upright at Bike Stockton hubs, with the cable lock looped around the bike rack at the hub, and not obstructing travel on sidewalks/roadways. Never park our bikes on private property.

Bike Stockton Hubs

Pick up a Bike Stockton bike from any one of our racks and park them here at no extra cost! You can locate all Bike Stockton hubs in our app.


Who we are

At Bike Stockton, we’re committed to operating an affordable program that promotes greater transportation access, and promotes health in Stockton by supporting recreation and exercise through bicycling. Bike’s fleet is composed of pedal-assist e-bikes that give you a gentle boost as you’re pedaling, allowing you to roll with ease on a bicycle built for you.

Bike Stockton is a program offered through Shared Mobility Inc. Shared Mobility Inc is a nonprofit that advances innovative transportation services that focus on a shared model.

Bike Stockton is brought to you by the San Joaquin Regional Transit District as part of San Joaquin Council of Government’s (SJCOG) Stockton Mobility Collective.

The Stockton Mobility Collective is funded by a Sustainable Transportation Equity Project (STEP) Implementation Grant from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The project is part of California Climate Investments (CCI), a statewide initiative that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment — particularly in disadvantaged communities. Moving California, part of CCI, focuses on increasing education and awareness of clean transportation options, while emphasizing program successes and providing guidance on how California’s communities and residents can both benefit and access clean transportation opportunities.


Follow the rules

Yield to pedestrians. Stop at all red lights and stop signs. Ride in the direction of traffic. Use the grip bell to signal your presence. Do not wear more than one earphone while riding. Obey traffic laws at all times.

Plan a sensible route

Plan your route before you ride to follow the safest route to your destination. You can use our app to find your way to a bike you’ve reserved or to a hub when you want to end your ride.

Do a pre-ride check

Adjust the seat height; try the grip bell; and if you’re riding at night, check that the front and rear lights are illuminated.

Be predictable

Make it easy for the traffic around you. Don’t make unexpected turns that put yourself and others in danger. Ride at a steady pace so other vehicles can anticipate your movement.

Wear a helmet

Whenever you ride, wear a helmet. Always buckle the strap. Replace your helmet after any crash and whenever you see signs of damage.

Tips for turns

Use hand signals to let drivers and other cyclists know your intention to turn or to stop. Don’t turn or change lanes without knowing the position of the cars and bikes around you.

Frequently asked questions


  • What if I have questions or issues?

    You may contact us via

  • What is a service area?

    A service area is the red-bordered zone on the Bike Stockton App where you can ride and park a vehicle. Parking vehicles outside this area can subject you to a fine.
  • Are Bike Stockton bikes available in my neighborhood?

    With community support, our goal is to serve as much of Stockton as possible! To see our current service area, visit our system area map.
  • Do I have to wear a helmet?

    Bike Stockton strongly recommends that riders wear a helmet.
  • What should I do if I notice an improperly parked bike out in the community?

    We do our utmost to make sure all Bike Stockton members park their bikes with respect to their neighbors. If you happen to see a bike that has parked in the same place for more than 2 days, we appreciate you letting us know! Additionally, if you know of a bike parked on private property, we want to address this right away. Please note, as a small non-profit staff it may take us a few days to respond to all improperly parked bikes.
    You can contact us at

Starting/Ending a Trip

  • How do I find a bike?

    Bikes can be located using the Bike Stockton app available for Apple IOS and Android.

  • How do I check out a bike?

    Download the Bike Stockton app. Set up a payment method. To unlock a bike, scan the QR code that is located on the handlebars or on the lock using the Bike Stockton app. From the main map screen, tap the Scan button at the bottom of the screen, and scan the QR code to start riding. If the bike’s lock does not unlock, contact support at, or by tapping the “?” icon at the bottom right of the app to submit your issue by app form

  • How do I find the QR code?

    The QR code can be found on the e-bike in two places: in a small rectangular area between the handlebars, and on the lock over the rear wheel.
  • How do I lock the bike?

    Every bike has a cable lock that wraps around the bike rack at the Bike Stockton hubs and wheel lock that closes through the rear wheel. Wrap the cable lock around a bike rack. Insert the circular end of the cable into the wheel lock. Manually press the orange button on the bottom left corner of the wheel lock and push until securely locked. Use the Bike Stockton app to end your trip by submitting a photo of your locked bike. Be sure your photo clearly shows the cable secured to bike parking!
  • What if I can’t take a photo to end my trip?

    If you’re not able to take a picture of your bike, don’t panic! Just make sure it’s locked safely in a hub or at a rack. You can then shoot us a message through the Bike Stockton app by tapping the “?” icon at the bottom right corner.
  • What do I do if the trip is still running on the app?

    Safely lock and secure your bike at a hub. You can then contact Bike Stockton customer support at or by tapping the “?” icon at the bottom right of the app to submit your issue by app form. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to help successfully end your trip.

  • Where can I park?

    Securely park your bike and end your trip at any Bike Stockton hub that is highlighted on the service area map in the Bike Stockton app. All trips must be ended at Bike Stockton hubs.
  • Can I place my Bike Stockton ride on hold while on a trip?

    Yes! You can use the Hold function to lock your bike for short errands while on a trip. While your bike is on Hold, no one else will be able to rent it. Because no other user can access the bike while it is on hold, you will be charged for the time you have a bike on Hold.
  • Can I ride outside of the service area?

    Yes! You can ride the bike outside of the service area. However, if you end your trip outside of the service area, you will be charged a $50.00 Out-of-Service area Fee. If you are outside of the service area and want to stop to eat or grab a bottle of water, you can put the bike on hold and lock it temporarily (you will still be charged for the time the bike is on hold). You can then unlock and continue riding.

  • What are Bike Stockton Hubs?

    Bike Stockton hubs are officially designated parking areas that are highlighted on the service area map in the Bike Stockton app. You must securely lock your vehicle and end your trip at a Bike Stockton hub.

Pricing and Memberships

  • How much does it cost to ride?

    Please see our Pricing Page for the latest pricing and membership options.
  • Are there discounts available for low-income residents?

    Yes! Thanks to funding provided by CARB, SJCOG is piloting a mobility incentives program that can be used for bikeshare, carshare and RTD buses. For more information on applying, please visit SJCOG’s website to learn more!

  • Can I rent multiple vehicles?

    You can only rent one vehicle per account.
  • What is the hold amount for checking out a bike?

    For credit, debit, and prepaid cards, the hold amount for bike rental is $25.
  • When is the “hold” release on my credit card?

    The hold that is placed on your credit card is released at the end of your trip, but it may take up to a couple of days for it to reflect on your credit or debit statement.
  • Why is my card getting declined when I start a trip?

    Credit, debit, or prepaid cards will be charged an authorized hold of $25 when you start a trip. If you are unable to start a trip and your card is declined, please check the available balance on your card. This hold will be released at the end of your trip but may take a couple of days to reflect on your credit or debit statement.
  • Annual Membership benefits

    Riders get 30 free minutes of ride time every day for the for extent of their membership. Charges of $0.05/minute apply when a rider exceeds 30 minutes of total daily ride time. The given minutes will reset at midnight every day.

About e-bikes

  • What are pedal-assist e-bikes?

    Pedal-assist e-bikes ride just like any other bicycle. You get on and you pedal! The difference is that when you pedal, there is a small electric motor that adds an assist to each pedal stroke. This makes it possible to ride an e-bike to work without getting sweaty and allows riders to go further than they might otherwise ride -- providing greater access and ease of riding!
  • How does the motor work?

    The motor turns on automatically when you start pedaling.The motor stops running when you stop pedaling. The e-bikes stop providing power assist at approximately 16 mph.
  • How do I turn off an e-bike?

    The e-bike doesn’t need to be turned off. You just need to lock the e-bike to a Bike Stockton hub and take a photo to end the trip.
  • Do e-bikes go faster than regular pedal bikes?

    Because our e-bikes are capped at 16 miles per hour, our e-bikes travel at about the same speed as regular pedal bikes. You may notice however that it is easier to accelerate on e-bikes.
  • What do I do if my Bike Stockton bike breaks?

    Lock your Bike at the nearest hub and email to let us know. Our team provides regular maintenance to the fleet on a regular basis.